An iconic guitar store, Matt Umanov Guitars has been selling new and old guitars in the West Village since 1965. Featuring original store elements throughout the site, we designed and developed an ecommerce site at


Key Design Elements

We designed the banner at the top with the original metal sign that used to hang over the store. And we worked the elements on the side of the sign into functional buttons.

The graphics throughout the site are built from the original artwork designed for Matt Umanov Guitars in the 1980's.

The instruments and gear are organized online to reflect their the in-store experience.


The site ranks well on Google for Martin and Fender guitar searches, but more than anything the site has become an important component of the store's sales strategy. They saw an immediate increase in telephone inquires. And thanks the site, the customers are now buying guitars, gear, and gift certificates, through the site, across the country.

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