Jackson & Co sells ties handmade, in small numbers, in New York City. This site's a good example of focused online retail. Without unnecessary intros or landing pages, this site makes it easier to buy ties. You can see the site at, TiesNYC.com.


Design Approach

We designed the site to be clean and bold to reinforce brand but more importantly to make it clear and obvious how to buy a tie.

So, there is no superfluous landing page and editorial imagery. This site is just about selling ties and everything else has been stripped away.

Product Photography

We also staged and photographed every tie on the site. There are hundreds of examples of tie photography online, but we didn't like any of them. We set these images to mimic the buying experience in person. A larger shot for content, a detail shot, and then a shot of the back. Use the magnifying glass on the detail pages too. Our image quality is very high.

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