Dr. Ramtin Kassir is triple-board certified surgeon with practices in NYC and NJ. We helped to rank Dr. Kassir at the top of Google in his industry, and designed a site that's easy to use and easy for his staff to update at DrKassir.com.


Design Elements

The site's homepage reinforces Dr. Kassir's social media presence (and makes it easy to find content to add to the site.)

Because Dr. Kassir is a stickler for classic design, the entire design conforms to the Golden Ratio, which gives the blocks of information a visual order.

But more than anything, the entire site is designed to drive people to submit consultation requests, which is why those are always the brightest elements on the page.

SEO Results

More than anything our goal with drkassir.com was to put the site at the top of Google for his key search terms. We set a group of keywords two years ago and since then have more than quadrupled the traffic to the website.

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